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At the 123 km exit of M1 motorway, next to METRO.

Tel.: +36 30/478-8246 | E-mail:


Why Motel Next is a good choice?

Because it is Hungary’s first fully automated 24-hour motel

Have you ever tried to find a room at 1 am, exhausted after a long drive? Have you ever found an accommodation where staff is nice even at dawn? Where reservation takes only a couple of minutes and prices are also affordable? Where the rooms are inviting enough to spend a night there? If you have tried this before, you must exactly know how difficult it is. The fully automated Motel Next was established so that all this does not cause you any trouble.


Automated operation

You have been driving for long hours when you arrive finally at your accommodation exhausted, and your only wish is to check into your room. With our automated system reservation, payment and generating a key code only take a couple of minutes, without having to talk to anyone or fill in any papers. Only the cleaning staff works on the spot; they arrive after your departure, 12 noon.

Nonstop reservation and check-in

No problem, if you have to reserve a room at 10 pm or 2 am, our automated system operates all day long. You can reserve a room in two ways, online or on the spot. The counter on the homepage always shows the correct number of rooms, where you can check out how many free rooms we have.



HUF 13,900 (45 EUR) /room/night

No cash payment is possible in the motel, you can pay the room fee on the spot by credit or debit card.

All major credit cards are accepted (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, American Express).

Standard Single Bed Room – 13.900 HUF (45 EUR) /room/night
Standard Double Bed Room – 14.900 HUF (48 EUR) /room/night
Standard Triple Bed Room – 16.900 HUF (55 EUR) /room/night
Standard 4 Bed Room – 17.900 HUF (58 EUR) /room/night

Perfect accommodation even for one night

What is necessary for you to have an undisturbed rest and continue your way relaxed in the morning? A lockable room, a convenient bed and a private bathroom. These are what you get at the Motel Next. There are no unnecessary extras which would raise prices: we give you exactly what you need, not more or less.

M1 motorway – without detours

If you aim to continue your way with the shortest interruption, it is not recommended to choose an accommodation in the inner city, and try desperately in the morning traffic jam to get back to the motorway in the shortest time possible. Our motel is located 500 meters from the 123 exit of the M1 motorway – shorter detour is probably impossible.



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